Behind each ambitious project is a well-structured business strategy. By becoming our partner you will get strategies focused on the development of you and your project. We will help you use 100% of your potential by finding the right publisher, providing you with financial support from investors and connecting you with specialists such as game designers, 3D artists, programmers, developers, animators, and promoting your project using all available marketing tools. Moreover, your projects can receive focus tests and valuable feedback from our specialists and other partners, which will maximize the chances of financial success and ensure your development!

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To be successful, you will need an outside support. But what if you don’t have direct access to it, or you don’t know how to get it? Among our partners are publishers, investors, animation studios, translation agencies and developers. We will help you get in touch with them and establish a healthy business relationship that will let you achieve your goals.


Business Development

Development is the key to growth, no matter the business. We will help you create a business development plan for you and your game and we will provide you with technical, substantive and financial support.

We will take care of:

Specialists Outsourcing

You can’t always do everything in-house. Ambitious projects need qualified specialists. We understand that you do not want, or don’t need to hire for your team. This is why you need an external services. We will get you connected with many professionals: developers, programmers, graphic designers, animators and others – to help you create something awesome.

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Marketing / PR

Effective promotion is essential for your product! We conduct extensive marketing activities, so that everyone would hear about your game. We also conduct PR activities with various media from the USA, UK, Western Europe, Nordics, Russia and China. Thanks to our experience you will reach the most valuable target groups, which will directly translate to the recognition of your game’s brand.

What we can do for you:

Coming all together we provide also full publishing services for your games.

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